About Randivie

Randa Eissa Photo shoot for Randivie Logo


The Head Designer of Randivie is Randa Eissa, an Egyptian singer. She is famous with her unique heels always in her live Parties. She is influenced by the East & West African culture.

A friend of Randa have her a Nigerian Edo State name "Ivie" which she combined it to her name and created the name "Randivie" for her fashion line. The name "Randa" means A drop of honey and the smell of Thyme, while "Ivie" is a name of very precious beads in Edo State, Nigeria, where Queens wear it & it is very expensive and unique.

Randivie is designed to be a very unique brand, very high fashion, high quality, yet very comfortable, as our heels have cushions to comfort the feet on a long day to a long night.

Randivie is about look once, look twice. Its different, attractive, changes moods from classic to funky to extraordinary high fashion, still keeping the glamorous look. Randivie female shoes, bags and jewelries add a magic spice to an outfit.

The Head Designer and Founder Randa Eissa brings her imaginary illusions to reality through her designs. She believes that shoes are not just for walking, bags are not just for carrying belongings. Randivie pieces of arts carry a message from another imaginary world to you.